Things to Do

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Planning your Trip:

Aside from relaxing, walking on the beach, enjoying delicious food, reading and sleeping, here are some activities to add to your itinerary:

  1. Go kayaking and vist the penguin colony off the coast of Paternoster. Contact Ian on 082 584 1907 or e-mail.
  2. Enjoy Fynbos & Western Cape indigenous flowers.  The West Coast flower season takes place from mid July until early October. Of the world's six floral kingdoms, this is the smallest and richest per area unit, and the diversity of fynbos plants is greater than that of the tropical rainforests, with over 8000 species of plants occurring in the area, around 5000 of which are endemic (for more information, go to wikipedia:
  3. Go see the Langebaan lagoon, a beautiful place to lay down a picnic basket.  Langebaan lagoon is a salt water lagoon nourished by the sea and not a river, which is commonly thought. You can find out more about Langebaan here.
  4. Visit the West Coast National Park,  +- 30 000 Ha rich in plant and animal life. The park boasts a protected area of over 30 000 hectares - unspoiled beaches, indigenous plant and bird life - a paradise! You can take long walks in the park, enjoy water sports or have lunch at the restaurant. More information can be found here.
  5. The Berg River is an ideal place to bird watch.  The river mouth at Velddrif, is where the annual Berg River Canoe Marathon ends.
  6. If bird watching is your hobby, the the Western Cape is the place to be!.  Two internationally recognised Important Bird Areas (IBAs) occur here.  The West Coast National Park, with it's annual summer influx of waders from the Arctic makes a worthwhile addition to your trip.  The Lower Berg River Wetlands is an excellent water birding area, the area is a good place to spot coastal & land birds.  The Islands in the mouth of the Saldanha Bay are a breeding ground for 50% of the coastal birds endemic to the Benguela System- an also excellent place to settle in with your binoculars! Find a list of endemic and near endemic birds here.
  7. Paternoster is located on the border of the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve.  The reserve boasts the last manually controlled lighthouse, the lighthouse, commissioned on 1 October 1936, derives its name from the barque Columbine, which was wrecked there on 31 March 1829. Visitors can take a tour of the lighthouse. Hikers can take long walks through the reserve - and return to ah! guest house to enjoy a delicious meal.
  8. The West Coast Fossil Park is open daily for visitors and boasts the fossils of a saber-toothed cat, a wolverine, a three-toed horse and a gomphothere.  More information here


  • Crayfish Season: November - April
  • Snoek: April - July
  • Whale season: July - December
  • Flower Season: August - September
  • Waders Season: September - April